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5 Tips For Launching A New Business

  Rule #1: Plan, Plan, Plan – But be Flexible Before we could launch Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda, we spent months planning our business model and strategy. From trips to Rwanda to meet the farmers, getting an education in the coffee production...

5 Bookkeeping Mistakes To Avoid

Five easy bookkeeping mistakes to avoid Once you’ve learned to look at bookkeeping with fresh (and hopefully more enthusiastic) eyes, the next step to making it less of a chore is to identify five common – but easily avoided – mistakes, and steer well clear of them....

How Can I Support and Finance Company Growth?

First of all by identifying when you’re ready to scale and when you’re not. In order to scale, you need to identify milestones to help keep you on track to hit key operating targets, set budgets and plan your fundraising. Your finance professional should have and...

How Can I Improve the Financial Health of My Company?

At its heart, this question is all about cash flow and finding ways to increase your cash flow and reduce costs. Your finance professional should support you with day-to-day budgeting, help you refine your accounts receivable and accounts payable systems and maximize...

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